Top 6 restaurants in Sector 1 Bucharest

Sector 1 Bucharest can be proud of a few top restaurants, seen by guests as
culinary jewelry. In the last two decades, bucharest restaurants have multiplied and are appearing from what
in more and more places where you can eat in a pleasant atmosphere. Traditional food was
mixed with world cuisine, so that in many restaurants you will find creative menus
and exceptional, at affordable prices.
One of the best areas that offers you a wide variety of restaurants where
you can get there quite quickly, it's Nicolae Caramfil Street. Also here, is one of the most
beautiful locations for a relaxing stay: Hotel Stil. This hotel has many facilities
attractive for guests, and its location is of great help for tourists who use
public transport.
The metro, tram or bus stations are very close to the hotel, and you will be able to get to the
various important points of the city in a fairly short time. Even on foot you can reach
very fast at most restaurants in the area, and a walk on Nicolae Caramfil Street will
be suitable to increase appetite.
If you do not know what to eat for lunch or dinner, the restaurants in sector 1 Bucharest are waiting for you with a
wide range of dishes, from different cuisines of the world, including Romanian cuisine, that will give you
it certainly amazes. Stil Hotel offers you the relaxing and soothing accommodation you need in
Your holiday, and the surrounding places will take you on all kinds of unique culinary trips.

1. Kane Restaurant

This place is just 24 minutes away from Hotel Stil, and is one of the most
popular among foreign tourists. Right from the entrance, this place will surprise you with its architecture
stately, carefully preserved. Its imposing appearance will make you feel like a person
important, from the very first step you take inside the restaurant.
The dishes here have first of all an amazing look that will surely attract your attention, and
the taste is commensurate. It's perfect for people who want to try something new, more luxurious,
but at an affordable price for many pockets. Drinks are meant to complement and
enrich the taste of each preparation.
The staff here is very friendly and welcoming, and the food is something of a dream. Every plate
presents a culinary show, prepared down to the smallest detail by renowned chefs. It's not
wonder that this restaurant is one of the most visited among the locals, but also among
tourists coming from all over the world.

2. ZenSushi North

It is the closest place to Hotel Stil. In just 2 minutes of walking, you will arrive in a
Zen, soothing atmosphere, where you can enjoy an oriental menu. The venue can accommodate up
to 60 people inside, and 40 on the terrace, outside. It's perfect for events, who in
family, or even romantic dinners.
Here you can eat the best ramen, Japanese soups, different dishes with tastes
novel, and last but not least, many types of sushi, depending on your preferences. If you are
an aficionado of non-conformist dishes, with an explosion of tastes and flavors, this restaurant
from sector 1 Bucharest is the perfect choice.

3. Restaurant Home

Located in the heart of Bucharest, just 17 minutes from your accommodation in Hotel Stil. Here you can admire
the beautiful red brick building that hides an old history, long buried. It's a
small and chic resturant, which has as main mission to make all the guests who cross their threshold, to
feel at home.
Restaurant Home offers you the best local wines, refined and different drinks
delicious combinations based on coffee or tea. On the menu you will always find fresh food
cooked from quality ingredients, salads of all kinds, well-seasoned steaks and garnishes.
The place is suitable for aficionados of Romanian cuisine, who want to feel the taste of
at home. Their preparations will delight your senses and remind you of childhood at your grandparents.

4. Restaurant Stadio Park

A restaurant to try if you are staying at Hotel Stil, which is just 4 minutes away.
The venue has a relaxing design, which resembles london venues. Here you can try the most
you want burgers from Bucharest, a pizza so good that even the Italians will remain amazed, but also
copious vegetarian dishes. Don't forget to get a portion of Romanian papanas for dessert!

5. Mandaloun Restaurant

Another restaurant located a little below Hotel Stil, which will take you just a few minutes to walk
to get to eat a delicious meal, in a relaxing atmosphere. This place was
thought to please even the most demanding tastes. The dishes here are inspired by
Lebanese, French, Italian, but also American cuisine. It is the right place for people
bold, who are not afraid to try something new.
The interior of the restaurant has a unique design, which takes you in an oriental story. It is suitable
for an intimate dinner, or for a special event. The service is impeccable, doing so
Locally ideal for prolonged dinners.

The varied menu of the venue offers multiple options, so that even the most demanding guest can
he finds a dish to his liking.

6. Moki – Modern Kitchen

This restaurant is 8 minutes walk from Hotel Stil, and is a unique concept. Cuisine
the restaurant is modern, and offers the perfect opportunity for those who want to escape from everyday life.
Live music is something that is indispensable, and the interior of the place seems torn from another world.
As for the dishes, here you will find all kinds of delicacies and sophisticated dishes.
The portions are quite generous, and you have a wide range of modern dishes to choose from.
The staff is very hospitable, which creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for all
You can enjoy one of the famous cocktails of the restaurant, or a glass of wine from the
better culture. End dinner with one of the 7 desserts that will take you in a beautiful dream.

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