Nicolae Caramfil Street, Bucharest

Nicolae Caramfil Street in Bucharest is one of great importance, due to its positioning that
facilitates movement to several points of interest. It is located in the northern area of the capital
and has a length of about 1,476 meters with two lanes in each direction.

The location bears the name of the great undersecretary of state of the Ministry of National Defense. It was
born on November 28, 1893 in Galaţi and died on April 22, 1978. Nicholas Caramfil was
a renowned Romanian ingier, who was born in Galați and followed his father's career in the field of
Engineering. His mother took care of the household and raising the children. His older brother became
career diplomat, and his sister Sofia married a diplomat, becoming a respected woman
among intellectuals.

Engineer Nicolae Caramfil brought many changes in functionality and appearance
of the capital, and because of this a very important street in sector 1 bears his name. This
connects with many commercial points and tourist attractions, but also with major hospitals and clinics in

Nicolae Caramfil Street Bucharest hotel

How do you get to Nicolae Caramfil Street?

regardless of whether you choose to travel by bus or subway, transport is easy and you have more
points from which you can get to this location quite quickly. Also, the area is located in
proximity of bus stops, a maximum of 15 minutes walk or even closer. Most
the nearby station is a 1 minut walk away.

The most important metro station near Nicolae Caramfil Street is Aurel Vlaicu,
located 8 minutes walk. By subway, from Drumul Taberei Park you will reach this
location in just 61 minutes and you will be able to enjoy relaxing moments in an urban environment.

Also, the closest tram stop is Pipera Platform, where you can reach 22
Minutes. Even if it seems like a rather long journey to the station, you will not have time to get bored datorita
impressive historic buildings that are dotted along the street.

If you are a tourist and you are visiting the city for the first time, this street will help you a lot in terms of
public transport stations. So, you can choose to stay at a nice hotel in the area
to enjoy all the attractions of the city.

Stil Hotel on Nicolae Caramfil Street Bucharest

Not only is it a perfect area for people who do not have a personal car because
facilitates trans-walking withthe shared port, but also hosts one of the most beautiful and chic
hotels in sector 1.

This hotel is an oasis of relaxation and tranquility where you can spend wonderful moments with your family, or
even alone if you are a more withdrawn andcourageous person. You will find here everything you need to
benefit from a comfortable stay.

The area where the hotel is located is a very clean one and you will be amazed by the tranquility of the French Quarter.
The hotel has a fitness room to always be inshape and a restaurant with the best

For a complete pampering that puts you on your feet and charges you with energy, you can try a
spa complex located just 10 minutes after leaving the capital. La Therme is the place where you will findand
palm trees, thermal water pools, saunas, indoor water slides and many rituals for
mind and body.

All these facilities are included in one hotel so that you have almost the best
Conditions. Stil Hotel in Bucharest is a gem that would make engineer Nicolae himself proud

What can you visit on Nicolae Caramfil Street?

In this area there are many green spaces, with parks where you can walk with the little ones for a
breath of fresh air. The closest are Bordei Park and King Michael I Park.

Bordei Park was arranged in 1936 on the shore of Lake Floreasca. It stretches over a surface of
3.3 hectares and underwent redevelopment works in 2008. Thealleys, the benches, were sketched,
lighting poles, children's playgrounds, and is prepared and eager to receive us

The second park, King Michael I Park was also built in 1936 and has an area of 187
of hectares. Theneedle in its center is part of a chain of atropic lakes ofthe River Colentina. This
the lake has an alley of about 5.92 km that surrounds it.

If you get hungry during your stay in Bucharest, but you don't know where to go, find out that Nicoale Street
Asa ramfil it is near many restaurants with very good food, which you can try. Some
are located very close to Herastrau Lake and offer guests a fantastic view while taking
a hearty lunch.

Andit's very good that the ladies areeager to go shopping, so for these too there are
solutions very close. Promenada Mall is waiting for you with the kind and kind of shops that you have the freedom to
you visit and maybe even make some purchases. Also, the Caramfil Premium Store complex
it is another option that you can try and that is very close to Nicolae Caramfil Street.

A little further away is the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History where the exhibits take you
in times long forgotten and where dinosaursseem to come to life. The museum periodically prepares exhibitions
unique that attracts every time curious little children, but also adults eager to enter a fantasy world. Garlic
the possibility to visit other museums, such as that of Romanian literature, but alsothe Museum of the Bank
National of Romania, both one stone's throw away.

Whatever yourholiday stacks are, this street is ideal for getting to the centers quickly
commercial, recreational spaces or even at the airport in case you want to broaden your horizons.
The nearest airport is Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, which you can quickly reach with a
taxi or bus.

Nicolae Caramfil Street, Bucharest

Nicolae Caramfil Street in Bucharest is one of great importance, due to its positioning that facilitates the circulation to several points of interest. This is the

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