Planning a business trip or a holiday involves a lot of time and searches, from flights or transport, to accommodation and tourist attractions. Choosing a hotel that is near an airport can be a very smart decision for several reasons.

As you well know, Hotel Stil is located in a very accessible area of the capital, which facilitates fast transport to many areas of the city, including to the airport. The hotel is just a 9-minute walk from Baneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, which could be a great advantage for your travels.


Efficient costs

One of the reasons why choosing a hotel near an airport could be a great advantage for a successful holiday is much more cost-effective accommodation. In very many cases, hotels located in areas farther from the airport can be more expensive due to the increased costs involved in transportation. If you are staying at a hotel close to the airport you have the opportunity to save money on both transport and accommodation costs.

Stil Hotel in Bucharest has advantageous offers throughout the year, and you will be surprised by the facilities and conditions offered at affordable costs.

The comfort factor

One of the main reasons why it is recommended to choose a hotel near an airport is the comfort factor. When you have a morning flight to catch, the last thing you want to do at the end of the holiday is to stay for hours stuck in traffic to get to the airport in time.

If you are staying at a hotel located near the airport, you can simply get in a taxi and get to the terminal in no time. This can be especially useful if you have a flight early in the morning, since you can simply get out of bed and head to the airport without the stress of planning everything the night before.

Also, in addition to the comfort you can enjoy, staying at a hotel near an airport can be a convenient solution even for your travel companions. If you are traveling with a group of friends, coordinating transport from your accommodation to the airport and vice versa can be quite complicated. Staying at a hotel located close to the airport, means that anyone can arrive in time to catch the flight, and no one will have to have a headache in trying to find enough vehicles to transport the entire group to the airport or accommodation.


Staying at a hotel near an airport can also give you more flexibility in organizing your travel plans. If you need urgent changes to your next flights or need to book an unforeseen flight, it can be much easier to do so when you're just a few minutes away from an international airport.

There are also situations where flights involve a long layover or you have to stay an extra night in a certain city due to flight delays or cancellations, which means that nearby hotels are the most convenient. This way you will have enough time to rest without worrying that you will miss an important flight.

Hotel Stil in Bucharest offers its guests pick-up / delivery services with transport vehicles, in order to offer them the best conditions. Thus, having a reservation at this hotel located just 9 minutes from Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, you will benefit from a fast transport from the airport to the accommodation, but also vice versa.

Space for meetings and business events

Many airports are equipped with conference rooms and events, which can be very convenient for business trips that have to host meetings while on their way to other locations. One such airport is Aurel Vlaicu in Bucharest, which has special rooms where business conferences can be easily organized.

After completing the events and business meetings, you can retire with the entire team to Hotel Stil to enjoy peace, relaxation, and a well-deserved rest.

Easy access to different means of transport

Staying at a hotel near the airport, you will have easy access to a wide variety of transport options such as subway, train or bus. In general, these hotels are located near public transport stations, which can be convenient to explore the local area or get to meetings or different events.

Hotel Stil is located in the area of several bus stops, which greatly facilitates transport in a crowded capital. It is also located near the large medical centers in case you need care that requires the attention of a doctor, but also many tourist attractions such as museums, parks or commercial spaces.


In short, hotel accommodation near an airport can offer a number of benefits for both business and leisure trips. From comfort and cost-effectiveness to additional facilities and security, choosing a hotel near an international airport can make your trip more enjoyable and carefree. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider before making your next booking.

Hotel Stil in Bucharest meets all the conditions for a business trip or a successful holiday, where surprises can only be pleasant. Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is just a few minutes away, and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee or a hearty breakfast before the scheduled flight.

In addition to the easy transport to different locations of the capital that the location of the hotel offers, you will benefit from the best conditions for you and your family, tranquility, relaxation and many facilities suitable for a dream holiday. You have the opportunity to enjoy a day of pampering at the most important and performing spa center in Bucharest, which will surely surprise you, and will be a well-deserved reward at the end of a stressful period.