Meetings and Events

Conference facilities at Stil Hotel

STIL Hotel is the perfect location for seminaries, business meetings, conferences and other official meetings.

In our conference room you can welcome up to 12 guests. The room is equipped with air conditioner, LCD TV, Internet connection, technical equipment can be provided on request (screen, flipchart, video-projector etc.). The room is ideal for private business lunches or small meetings as well.

Upon request for larger meetings we can reserve for you the whole restaurant and transform the space to fits your needs.

Conference & Meetings (Optional)

The restaurant with a capacity up to 50 seats is suitable for organizing banquets, parties, weddings, baptizes, providing a variety of preset menus. Upon request we can setup the perfect party or meeting and transform our restaurant to fit your needs.

Meeting Room Layouts and Conference Table Set Ups


Seats or chairs in rows facing a stage area, head table, or speaker (with no conference table).


Rows of conference tables with chairs facing the front of a room (and usually a speaker), providing writing space for each person.

U shape

A series of conference tables set in the shape of the letter U, with chairs around the outside.


A rectangular or oval table set up with chairs around all sides and ends.


A group of tables, each seating 6-10 people usually.


Banquet Rounds Design

A group of round tables, each seating 6-10 people usually, set to facilitate serving food, usually in a hexagonal or square design.